English oak vinyl storage cabinet

Burke & Marshall are pleased to report that we have just completed this stunning 12 drawer vinyl storage cabinet. Designed for a private client with a penchant for the vinyl, this is the first of two cabinets capable of housing and displaying around 1500 records.

Our client already had a good idea of how he wanted the cabinets to look, and we worked together with him to create a comprehensive brief centred around this. He wanted the records to face forwards instead of the more common sideways orientation, and for the front record to be largely visible and on show. From here it was clear that the vinyl should take centre stage and that the detailing on the cabinet should be subtle. Based on this, as well as his existing colour palate and furniture, we settled on English oak with white sycamore drawers and detailing.

We sourced and handpicked some huge 5 metre boards of English oak from the lovely folk at Vasterns timber and used this to wrap the sides and top so that the grain flows continuously up and around the whole piece. We added a thin string of sycamore around the front edges and down the middle of each vertical divider. The horizontal dividers are hidden behind the drawer fronts, which are each cut from consecutive pieces of 3 boards of beautifully figured English oak. We added a mitre on each side of the drawer fronts and fit the drawers to close so that only the sycamore stringing remains visible in the dividers.

Now happily installed in it's new home and already chock full of vinyl, we're looking forward to starting the second set of shelves and record console in the new year!